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Explore common questions about FaceAR and our AR technology,
from how it works to enhancing privacy and integrating it into your business
1. Who is FaceAR?
FaceAR is a pioneering tech company based on boarding between Germany and Austria, specializing in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions. Our team is committed to pushing the boundaries of AR technology, providing businesses and consumers with innovative tools to enhance digital interactions.
2. What is Face AR technology, and how does it work?
Face AR technology combines advanced AI with computer vision to overlay digital content on real-world images through your device’s camera. This allows for real-time product trials and interactions.
In simple words:
  • FaceAR combines advanced AI and computer vision.
  • It overlays digital content onto real-world images from your device’s camera.
  • This enables real-time product trials and interactions.

Try out FaceAR high-quality virtual try-on technology on your device through our website.

Explore FaceAR’s features like virtual try-ons for cosmetics, accessories, eyewear, and more.

Book an online consultation for detailed information and guidance.

3. Does FaceAR collect personal data from users?

Our solution is designed with privacy in mind. Because it is a serverless solution, all processes work only on your device. We do not collect any personal data from users, do not record video, and ensure their information remains private and secure while they enjoy our AR experiences. 

Learn more about FaceAR Privacy Policy here.

Additionally, explore AR & VTO Customer Safety in our article: FaceAR’s Privacy Commitment in USA & EU.


4. Are we working with other SDK/companies?

Yes, we are. First – customer satisfaction. And if our SDK doesn’t meet your goals, we can integrate another solution from different partners.


5. Which products can we integrate with your website to boost sales?

FaceAR’s software is incredibly versatile, supporting a wide array of products for virtual try-on experiences. This includes:

  •  cosmetics💄
  • accessories⌚ 
  • eyewear👓 
  • jewelry💍
  • hats🎩
  • even hair color 💁‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️
  •  facial changes for medical usage,

allowing customers to see how everything looks on them in real-time.

Experience FaceAR’s high-quality virtual try-on technology on your device via our website.

6. How can businesses integrate FaceAR into online shops?

Integrating FaceAR into your online shop is very easy. You let us know what you will need, and we will combine the virtual try-on into your online shop with a guarantee.

Learn more about the Virtual Try-On Workflow with FaceAR

7. How can I get a refund if the conversion does not meet the expected results?

At FaceAR, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If the AR solutions integrated into your business do not achieve the expected conversion results, we offer a straightforward refund process. Simply contact our customer service team, and we will initiate a refund process.

Contact us: 

Phone: +1 (727) 353-9919
Email: info@facear.io

Book an online consultation for detailed information and guidance.


8. What sets your FaceAR technology apart from competitors?

Our technology is specifically designed for small and medium businesses, offering flexible integration across various platforms with superior face tracking.

Integration and full-stack service (analysis, development, marketing) to increase your conversion rate – these set us apart by providing personalized and accessible AR solutions for every business type.

Read about real-life examples of the results we’ve achieved for one of our clients.

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