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Do you have any challenges in makeover online stores?

Such like competition, low traffic, and low conversion rate – no worries, you are not alone.

In the dynamic world of online cosmetics, various hurdles can arise. But fear not!
We’ve curated solutions to help your makeup eCommerce platform thrive amidst competition and complexities.

The biggest challenges for makeup online shops are:

1. My Return Rate is growing.

Solution: Ensure that customers are buying what they expect to receive. Do not post fake or low-quality pictures! Only the actual product with accurate color and structure should be in focus.

2. Customer says: “The color is not what I ordered.”

Solution: Provide detailed product descriptions and check the color with the most common displays to better understand customers and accurately visualize product colors

3. “All brands/products are the same!”

Solution: Find your own niche to show your personality and create a marketing campaign that focuses on the difference between your product and competitors’ products.

4. I have a low conversion rate

Solution: Try to be close to your customers from the beginning to the end, step-by-step.
They are visiting your page for the first time. Be patient and understand their needs. The key is to smoothly transition from the first visit to buying.

5. I have no feedback from my customers

Solution: Engage with customers through social media, content marketing, and interactive experiences such as tutorials and beauty tips. Follow him to understand which step he stopped.

Advantage from VTO:

Did you know that integrating a virtual try-on into an online shop solves all these problems?

1️⃣ The return rate goes down because the customer tried the product before buying, and he knows exactly what he received.

2️⃣ Color will adjust automatically because our technology knows the camera settings and will compensate for the fake colors.

3️⃣ Virtual TryOn is something unusual for now. Be different, use this time to stay on the same stage with professionals – the customers appreciate that.

4️⃣ The conversion rate is growing up by our last customer to 150% during seven weeks.

5️⃣ With our report system, you will see how many customers were on step1, 2, 3, etc.

And that’s everything without recording screen, tracking private settings and violation of GDPR.

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By implementing these solutions, you can confidently navigate the challenges of makeup e-commerce.
Innovation, authenticity, and customer-centricity are vital to success in this vibrant industry.

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