Revolutionizing Gaming Sponsorships: How FaceAR’s Virtual Try-On (VTO) Transforms Brand Integration

Jurij Tkaciov | 08.01.2024

Revolutionizing Gaming Sponsorships: How FaceAR’s Virtual Try-On (VTO) Transforms Brand Integration

Explore the future of gaming sponsorship with Virtual Try-On (VTO), revolutionizing how brands engage with gamers and fans.

Imagine a gaming world where players can wear virtual hats, glasses, and other accessories from real-world brands, changing them instantly during a game. This is now possible with FaceAR technology, a game-changer in how brands and gaming collide.

The Concept of Virtual Try-On (VTO) for Gaming Sponsorship

Virtual try-on technology, exemplified by FaceAR, allows players in gaming competitions to don virtual products from various brands. This integration can include changing logos on hats or applying different masks, offering a versatile platform for advertising a range of products like glasses, caps, and ties.

Advantages of FaceAR in Gaming Sponsorships

FaceAR technology extends beyond traditional advertising methods, providing brands with unique engagement opportunities. By allowing real-time changes in branded gear, it enables multiple brand partnerships within a single event, maximizing marketing impact.

Real-World Applications and Examples

Brands like Nike, BMW, and Xfinity have already made significant inroads into esports and gaming sponsorship. Nike’s partnership with the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) in China, for instance, involved team apparel sponsorship and saw an enormous viewership, with peaks reaching over 200 million viewers for significant events​​. BMW’s collaboration with five leading esports organizations across different countries under the “United in Rivalry” campaign, extended their brand presence significantly in the esports domain​​. Xfinity’s integration as the preferred internet service provider for Blizzard’s Overwatch League highlights the importance of relevant product placement in esports​​.

Brands actively seek innovative platforms for product promotion. For instance, gaming events have been leveraged by companies like Red Bull and Razer for targeted advertising. FaceAR technology can take this a step further, offering a high-quality and realistic display of products directly on the players’ faces.

Enhancing Player and Viewer Experience

FaceAR adds an extra layer of fun and excitement to gaming. It’s not just about playing the game anymore; it’s also about showing off cool, digital branded gear.

Simplifying Brand Integration with FaceAR

FaceAR streamlines the process of brand integration in gaming events. It allows for an easy transition between 10-15 various branded items, such as caps or glasses, with each new round of a game, thus simplifying brand exposure.

The Future of FaceAR and Gaming Collaborations

The gaming industry, projected to be worth $211 billion by 2025, offers immense potential for innovative brand integrations​​. The evolving landscape of esports, where a significant portion of revenue comes from sponsorship and advertising, provides a ripe environment for technologies like FaceAR​​.

Use this technology for your Brands today

FaceAR technology is revolutionizing the way brands interact with the gaming community, offering dynamic, engaging, and diverse brand exposure opportunities. This technology is poised to become a key player in the future of gaming sponsorships and brand integration.

This is your chance to be part of a new wave in gaming and advertising! For gaming companies and advertisers interested in this exciting tech, check out more at FaceAR. You can use 14-days free Trial and Integration of our Virtual Try-On Technology for free.