Ensuring AR & VTO Customer Safety: FaceAR’s Privacy Commitment in USA & EU

Kate Goncharuk | 01.03.2024

Ensuring AR & VTO Customer Safety: FaceAR’s Privacy Commitment in USA & EU

Exploring AR & VTO Privacy Standards: USA & EU delves into how FaceAR upholds stringent privacy measures to protect customer data across these major markets.

Observing a 15-20% engagement rate with the Virtual Try-On (VTO) app on websites highlights a significant concern. It means that customers fear their facial images or personal data might be stored on websites or servers.

In this article, we address these concerns head-on, ensuring users that their privacy is paramount:

  • Privacy Assurance: We clarify that no personal data is collected through our VTO app, ensuring all interactions remain completely private.
  • Promotional Transparency: When launching new ad campaigns or banners, emphasizing data confidentiality is key. It’s essential to communicate clearly to your customers that the VTO feature on your site is designed with their privacy in mind.
  • Red Line of Confidentiality: Across your marketing campaigns, maintaining a consistent message about privacy reassures customers there are no risks associated with using the VTO feature. This comparison helps them understand that using VTO is as secure as physically visiting a showroom, with added benefits:
  1. Cost Savings: No need to spend money on travel.
  2. Time Efficiency: Saves personal time that would otherwise be spent visiting a store.
  3. Wide Selection: Allows testing not just 3-5 products, but 10-15 or even 100, enabling a truly suitable choice.
  4. Anonymity: Ensures users that no cameras track their data, offering a surveillance-free experience.

Highlighting these points reassures clients about the safety and privacy of using VTO, encouraging them to take full advantage of its many benefits.

In today’s digital landscape, augmented reality (AR) has become a transformative force in the beauty and accessories sectors. FaceAR leverages this technology to offer virtual try-ons, enhancing the shopping experience without compromising customer privacy, adhering to ‘AR & VTO Privacy Standards: USA & EU.

Understanding the Need for Privacy and Security

As AR technology becomes more integrated into our shopping habits, the importance of maintaining user privacy and security cannot be overstated. Consumers want to enjoy the benefits of AR without worrying about their personal data. Here’s how FaceAR addresses these valid concerns:

FaceAR’s Privacy-First Approach

Our technology is engineered with user privacy as a priority:

  • Serverless Processing: FaceAR operates directly on the user’s device. This means all the magic happens locally, without sending data to external servers.
  • No Personal Data Collection: We stand by our commitment to not collect personal data. Users can enjoy our virtual try-on experiences knowing their information stays private.
  • Video and Data Security: With FaceAR, there’s no video recording or unnecessary data capture. Our focus is on providing a seamless, secure AR experience.

Incorporating GDPR Compliance in Europe (EU) countries

FaceAR recognizes the importance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), adopted on 14 April 2016 and enforced from 25 May 2018. We align with GDPR’s strict privacy standards, which govern the collection and processing of personal information within the European Union and the European Economic Area. By adhering to GDPR, we demonstrate our dedication to privacy standards both locally and globally, emphasizing the crucial role of data protection in today’s interconnected world.

For more detailed information about GDPR and its implications for businesses and individuals, consider visiting the official EU GDPR Portal or reviewing the comprehensive guidelines provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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Adhering to USA Data Privacy Standards

Beyond GDPR compliance, FaceAR acknowledges the need to conform to U.S. data privacy regulations. Although the U.S. lacks a federal equivalent to the GDPR, various state-specific statutes are in place to safeguard user data privacy:

  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): Enacted in 2018, effective from January 1, 2020. It grants rights to California residents about their personal data. FaceAR follows CCPA principles, allowing Californians to exercise their privacy rights.
  • Nevada Privacy of Information Collected on the Internet from Consumers Act: Updated in 2019, it gives more control over online personal data. FaceAR meets Nevada’s law, offering an opt-out for data collection and sale.
  • Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA): Set for 2023, it provides GDPR-like rights. FaceAR is already preparing to meet CDPA’s standards, ensuring compliance ahead of time.

These state laws underscore FaceAR’s commitment to privacy standards globally and within the U.S., demonstrating our dedication to safeguarding user data across jurisdictions. As a result, we vigilantly track changes in U.S. privacy laws. This vigilance guarantees our adherence to regulations and secures our users’ privacy rights.

For additional details on U.S. privacy regulations and their impact on your rights, resources like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) website offer thorough insights and updates.

Best Practices for Retailers Using AR

Implementing FaceAR’s virtual try-on technology boosts the customer experience. Furthermore, it underscores a commitment to privacy:

  • Clear Communication: Inform customers about the privacy-safe nature of your AR features.
  • Trust Building: Demonstrate to your customers that their security is a top priority, enhancing brand loyalty.
  • Innovate Responsibly: Use FaceAR to offer cutting-edge experiences without compromising on privacy.

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The Role of AR in Building Consumer Trust

In the era of AR, consumer trust is paramount. By choosing FaceAR, businesses can assure their customers of a risk-free virtual try-on experience, fostering a secure shopping environment.


At FaceAR, we believe in AR’s power to transform the beauty industry without compromising privacy. Our serverless approach ensures businesses can safely offer innovative try-on features.

Consequently, elevate your brand with FaceAR’s privacy-centric virtual try-on technology, meticulously aligning with ‘AR & VTO Privacy Standards: USA & EU’. We invite you to visit our website to experience our VTO technology firsthand and delve deeper into how we envision a future where technology and privacy seamlessly coalesce. Together, let’s forge ahead towards crafting a safer, more captivating shopping experience.

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