Updating Widget: Exciting News as FaceAR’s Virtual Try-On Widget Just Got Better

Kate Goncharuk | 24.04.2024

Updating Widget: Exciting News as FaceAR’s Virtual Try-On Widget Just Got Better

Updating FaceAR’s VTO Widget has significantly improved the online shopping experience, offering new features and enhanced functionality.

Meet the latest updates to FaceAR’s Virtual Try-On (VTO) widget, now transforming online shopping into an interactive and immersive experience. In this article, we will first explore the new visual enhancements. Next, we’ll discuss the expanded demo product base. Lastly, we’ll cover innovations like real-time facial modifications

What is a Virtual Try-On Widget?

The Virtual Try-On widget integrates into online stores, allowing customers to virtually try on products using their device’s camera. By updating FaceAR’s VTO Widget, this technology superimposes product images—such as glasses, jewelry, and cosmetics—onto the user’s live image, simulating how these items would look on the person. Furthermore, this update brings enhanced realism and accuracy, significantly improving the customer’s shopping experience

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Latest Updates:

  1. Visual Enhancements:
    • The latest update has brought significant visual improvements to the interface, making it more user-friendly and appealing.
  2. Updated Product Database:
    • The widget now includes an updated demo product base, featuring glasses, rings, and cosmetics, expanding the variety of products that can be virtually tried on.
    • A new feature allows users to test facial modifications in real time, aiding decision-making related to cosmetic or medical changes.

How It Works:

  • Accessing the Widget: Users can access the VTO widget directly on retailer websites where they will see an option to “Try On.”
  • Using the Widget: By clicking on the VTO option, the device’s camera activates, and users immediately see how different products look on them.

Types of Products Suitable for Virtual Try-On:

  • Glasses: Customers can see how various glasses fit their face shape and style.
  • Jewelry: Users can try on rings and other pieces to see how they look.
  • Cosmetics: Users can experiment with different makeup shades without the need to apply them physically.
  • Facial Modifications: Advanced options for those considering cosmetic changes.

Benefits for Business:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Provides a fun and interactive way for online shopping, significantly increasing user engagement.
  • Increased Sales: Businesses using VTO technology often see an increase in conversions. Research indicates that VTO can boost online sales by up to 200%, as it helps reduce the uncertainty of online purchases (source).
  • Reduced Return Rates: With a more accurate impression of products, the number of returns decreases as items match expectations more closely.

To maximize the potential of your online business, consider integrating the newly updated FaceAR’s Virtual Try-On (VTO) Widget. Moreover, this upgrade not only enhances user engagement by providing a more seamless and accurate virtual try-on experience, but it also promises to significantly increase your sales conversions. Consequently, exploring more about how updating FaceAR’s Virtual Try-On (VTO) Widget can transform your customer’s shopping journey and elevate your brand’s digital presence could be highly beneficial.

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