From Swatches to Screens: How AR is Reshaping Cosmetic Selection Online

Jurij Tkaciov | 23.01.2024

From Swatches to Screens: How AR is Reshaping Cosmetic Selection Online

From Swatches to AR Screens: the beauty industry’s journey into the digital age

A swatch displays a cosmetic product’s appearance in use, beyond its packaging. It’s a visual guide that helps consumers see the actual color and texture on the skin. It’s often used in reviews to ensure the product meets expectations before purchase. From showing lipstick shades on the hand to full makeup demonstrations, swatches provide a real-life preview. It offers insights on the application and the versatility of new products.

But, buying lipstick and makeup traditionally, both in-store and online, comes with challenges. Customers often face issues like color mismatch and hygiene concerns with in-store testers, while online shoppers lack the tactile experience to assess texture and compatibility. This is where we transition from swatches to AR screens, offering a more accurate and hygienic way to test products virtually.

AR Solution in the Beauty Industry & Benefits for Consumers

The beauty industry is swiftly adopting AR technology, with an increasing number of brands integrating AR into their digital strategies. This shift is backed by data showing improved customer engagement and sales through AR interactions.

What does AR technology provide for Consumers:

  • The realistic and hygienic method for trying on cosmetics virtually
  • It enables customers to make more informed purchasing decisions
  • This advancement is changing the way customers shop, offering a personalized and interactive experience
  • It helps to minimize product returns.

Advantages for Cosmetic Brands with AR

Cosmetic brands are seeing tangible benefits from implementing AR. The technology is linked to higher sales and improved conversion rates. AR allows brands to overcome traditional shopping challenges, providing customers with a richer understanding of how products will look and perform.

The beauty industry is quickly catching on to the benefits of AR, with more and more brands starting to use it for marketing and selling their products. There is some short number conclusions:

  1. The money made from AR and VR worldwide is going to jump up by a whopping 20.9 billion dollars.
  2. This number will increase by two-thirds from now until 2027.
  3. By that year, there’s looking at a record-breaking revenue of over 52 billion dollars, capping off a decade of continuous financial growth.
  4. This big leap shows just how important AR has become for drawing in customers and boosting sales with its engaging, virtual experiences

These numbers really highlight the huge growth the AR and VR market is experiencing. You can get the full picture of how much money AR and VR are making around the world, and especially in the U.S. Check out the detailed figures on Statista.

A Guide to AR Integration for Brands

Integrating AR is a straightforward process that involves selecting the right AR platform, customizing color simulations, and focusing on a user-friendly interface. Brands and online shops can follow these steps to successfully implement AR and enhance their online presence.

FaceAR stands as a reliable AR solution provider for the cosmetic industry, ready to help brands transition into this new digital era.

Integrating AR into your brand’s strategy is made simple with FaceAR. We offer seamless integration with all platforms, ensuring the process is user-friendly and risk-free.

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