20% Sales Growth Await: Integrate FaceAR Before Valentine’s Day

Jurij Tkaciov | 10.02.2024

20% Sales Growth Await: Integrate FaceAR Before Valentine’s Day

Anticipate a 20% sales growth this Valentine’s Day by embracing the innovative FaceAR technology.

As the e-commerce landscape continually evolves, virtual try-on technology stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a path to a 20% sales growth on Valentine’s Day. With this romantic occasion on the horizon, leveraging such advanced technology is crucial for brands aiming to capture the hearts and attention of their diverse customer base

Valentine’s Day: A Prime Opportunity for E-Commerce

Recent data shows a significant year-on-year increase in Valentine’s Day-related e-commerce spending in the U.S., particularly in segments like fashion and apparel (8%) and beauty and cosmetics (5%). This surge underscores the importance of the holiday for retailers and the growing consumer expectation for personalized, interactive shopping experiences (Source: Statista).

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Online Shopping Challenges

Despite the opportunity, online shopping presents challenges, notably in ensuring product fit and appearance. This is particularly acute for personal items such as cosmetics and eyewear, contributing to higher rates of cart abandonment and returns.

The FaceAR Solution technology addresses these challenges by integrating augmented reality (AR) into the online shopping experience, allowing for virtual try-ons. This not only boosts consumer confidence but also significantly enhances engagement.

Impact on Sales: Embracing FaceAR

Adding FaceAR might decrease online shopping worries resulting in:

  • Increased conversion rates: Providing customers with the ability to virtually try on products can significantly boost conversions.
  • Enhanced customer loyalty: Personalized shopping experiences foster deeper customer relationships.
  • Reduced returns: Accurate virtual previews decrease the likelihood of returns, aligning with the observed growth in fashion, apparel, and beauty segments.

Urgency for Pre-Valentine’s Day Integration. The data underscores the urgency for brands to adopt FaceAR technology to capitalize on the Valentine’s Day shopping surge, potentially boosting sales by 20%.

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Special Offer

In response to this growing demand, FaceAR is offering a 50% discount on product integration for new clients until the end of February, complete with a 14-day free trial and complimentary product digitization.

Integration Steps. Adopting FaceAR is straightforward and efficient, ensuring brands can quickly capitalize on the increased Valentine’s Day spending.

Read more about Integration Steps here: Virtual Try-On Workflow

Valentine’s Day represents a significant opportunity for e-commerce brands. By integrating FaceAR technology, brands can meet and exceed customer expectations, driving sales and enhancing satisfaction.

Embrace the future of retail this Valentine’s Day with FaceAR. Book your Time today to find out more how to start your integration process.

Unlock the potential for significant sales growth.

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